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Travel Toys/Activities for Kids – based on licenses

UNISET A/S is a Danish company. We develop and market toys / travel activities for children globally aged 3-10 years - based on licenses.


All UNISET products are made in the EU and comply with the European Toy Safetystandards.

Key Feature: Magic Stickers
Our core competence is Magic Stickers with no glue that can be used again and again. The Magic Stickers are exciting elements from the imaginary universe of fun and interesting characters known by the children from TV, games, books etc.

Novelty - Scratch Art
This season we introduce a new fun activity – Scratch Art. Scratch Art are play scenes where the children can create their own stories by placing the characters where they like. The children will have four different scenes to expand the playtime.Testing on Scratch Art as a feature has shown positive feedback among children in our primary target group.  

New Brands
We are delighted to introduce three new brands this season: Phineas and Ferb, Monster High and Hot Wheels.

Disney’s Phineas and Ferb are hilarious characters both boys and girls can relate to.  Mattel’s Monster High is popular among girls and Hot Wheels is this season’s novelty for the boys.
Communication Development
All research shows that the packaging is our most important in store material. Therefore, we have improved our communication targeting the children. We communicate and differentiate our products through the most famous universes known by the children within each brand. We use the most famous characters and key icons to help the children generate play sceneries. This is what all studies show will initiate the purchase. ©2012. UNISET is a registered trademark of UNISET A/S in USA and/or other countries